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    The Master was taken away – puzzle game Walkthrough

    The Master was taken away – puzzle game is a new one by ABC escape games and they are known for puzzle and casual games. The game is as follows

    Not good! ! The master was taken away by the monster! ! ! ! !
    According to my old pig, let’s divide the luggage and go home…
    Hey! You are a fool! Look at me to save the master back! ! !

    This is a game that tests the brain hole very much. The master is sometimes kidnapped by monsters and sometimes thrown into strange places by monsters. You need to open your brain hole and use all sorts of weird methods and props to defeat the monster and save the master. Can you help Sun Wukong rescue the master? The life of the master is in your hands! (Wuk!! Come and save as a teacher!!~~)

    We will be adding walkthrough for all the levels here, use the search function to search for respective levels.

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