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    Lyrical Letters Answers

    Lyrical Letters is a new game of music and words, it’s an addictive game and I have started solving them even playing overnight. So what is the game all about

    When I was a young boy, my momma bought me a tiny Casio keyboard from a Sears Bargain Centre. Now Sears is gone, and Casio isn’t cool anymore.

    Or is it? Anyhoo…

    You know what is cooler than cool? Having a hi-lo-fi digital keyboard word game right in your back pocket. Synthesizer? Check. Chiptune? Check. Guitar? Check. Clever word puzzles? Double-check.

    Also cool? You can record and share your own songs with friends. Boo-yah!

    But how do you play, son? Glad you asked. Listen carefully to a sequence of notes and play them back in the correct order to form a word. Learn to play music, improve your vocabulary, keep your kids occupied for hours on end, train your ears to hear notes, and impress your friends by playing *the* song from the movie Big. The possibilities are endless.

    Part Simon. Part word match. Part dictionary. All good.

    Word (pun intended).

    Welcome to Lyrical Letters.

    Here are the answers to the Lyrical Letters

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